Saturday, May 22, 2010

my rainbows

There are some people I want the whole world know that they are my rainbow =) Why a rainbow? Because rainbow's beautiful and wonderful,enough said. same goes with my rainbow.

okay, this handsome(hehe) boy is myboyfriend. A SPECIAL one <3>We first met at UiTM Lendu, Malacca in 2008. bla bla bla and then on 16th of October we're official together , till now. =) i just looveeee him for the way he are. He was always there whenever I need him. thank you sayangg, words cant describe how much u mean to me xoxo ( jiwang pulak.hehe)

asma amira adzhar .she's one of my favorite girlfriends to hangout with and she's like where i turn to when i got problems. we've been friends since we're in secondary school. she's a loyal friends =) and she can be a veryyy goooood listener. WARNING, she TALKKKKK a lottt. HAHA =p ( just look at her picture that i took, sorry syg ) saranghae

from left; nadia (jerry) and sofia (sopek) . [ mcm dlm majalah sekolah pulak, haha. ] back to the topic , i met them at smts. Even though we only spent time for a short period, but still, loveee them very much. mereka sangatlahhhh gila gilaaa. terBAEK. i really really missed 'em. wish i can turn back time =)

left : astika dewi. she's my dormmate ( 2007,smts) i wont forget that. we had lotsss of memories back then. there's one time that we had gossip till late night, and then kita curik2 makan time lampu da tutupp, HAHA. urgh i missed that.! u always think that i dont love u kan kan syg? the truth is , i love u and i will always love you. because you are the best :D trust me

right : elya. myschoolmate. people always said that we both look like a twin. gosh. x same langsung. she much much prettier than me =) by the way, we also had lots of memories right? during prep time, after school, and etc. i love u babes. very. rindu time skola kan kan? haha

There are a few ' lovely rainbow' that i cant post right now, because im sleeepyyy. 4.35am already. nite people. xo

Bonjour = )

i already have this blog since 2008, but too lazy to update ;p but today , i promise you , i (nurfarahdiyanajamal) will update this blog from now on. =D

sunday , (may,23rd,10)