Friday, March 25, 2011

Back then, when i was in form3, the most popular social website is MySpace, friendster and Yahoo Messenger. i was like 24/7 in front of ze laptop. thats normal right? myspace is very addictive. used to be addictive. 

Now people has moved to Facebook which is more way friendly user. Even all the parents now have their account on FB. this iz crazieh. we have lots of social website such as skype , tumblr , twitter, Tagged, Lookbook, bebo and blabla. 

okay thats not the point of this entry. Have u guys ever heard about ? why don't u guys give it a try. u can make your own homepage. 

this is mine, farawwr . we can mixed up all our favourite website in one page (: Have fun


Hello peeps! Look who's back from loooooooong absence. =P As usual and  the same reason is i've been busy with those assignment, quizzes, test and  presentation. Senior year was too busy. Especially when u love to do things last minute. but still last minute will gve u superb outcome. Do try! HAHAHA ( gelak syaiton) okay crap, jangan tiru aksi last minute.

Nothing much to share actually. Its been a decade since i've wrote, i have no idea on what to talk about. It always the same routine, class - home - class again - discussion -class - home and blabla. Okay if u guys still remember, i had this one entry before about 'le tour'? Okay lets continue about that stuff. Last feb on 14th, me and boyfie had some dinner at Amigo's. err what? oh no ofcourse we're not celebrate Vday! that was just another random dinner. As for me 14 feb is nothing, we can cherish love every single day *wink*

Amigo's restaurant popular with western food, it is located at Bandar Melaka. Nearer to the Mahkota Parade actually. before i forget, they're making sushi as well. lots of sushi i guess. since im not a big fan of sushi, i think they had more than enough. Lets picture continue to do the talking (:

Special decoration for Vday. its lovely!

lots lots of people on  Vday night. we had to queue for the table 

California Maki was not bad

Steak! we had this steak with sushi fried maki. Special set for a Vday with special price.its worth it!

and that was mushrooms soup with ginger bread. and please guys do not order this. taksedaplangsung.

im done writing.
stay tuned people ;)