Monday, June 28, 2010

Counting the days

Can anyone pinch me ? becauseeeee i can not believe that only 5 days left to go back to malacca. there's one thing that i still can nooottt believe, nxt semester will be my 5 semester in UiTM Lendu!! (insyaAllah) , 4 semester passed by so quickly and alhamdulillah everything seems goes smoothly, my result for last semester pass with flying colour ( haha okay ini tipu ) but all subject passed lah ( : thank god.

somehow i feel im happy about going back to malacca but then i feel like reluctantly. maybe because next semester i HAVE TO rent a house outside uitm . conclusion is i have to be a non residents lah ;( sadly.
so before class start on 5hb July, me and housemate have to cleannnnn up 'our house'. urghhhhh malasnyaaa.
but maybe this will be the sweetest memories ever in lendu? haha. who knows?

will update soon about the house . see ya.
( :