Thursday, July 22, 2010

brands new.

I think its time to update my blog since I've promised u that i'll update about my house ( not really mine, i just rent  the house, ahaa )  BUT , in this entry i'm not really want to expose about my house yet, becausee err i want to show u a picture of my house BUT ( here another but again =l ) has yet take a picture. so i'll story roughly about my house , then later promise i'll update the pictures. =)

My house is a double storey house, 4 rooms, 3 toilets , kitchen, dining hall and of course got a family hall.
for me and my friends, it just prefect and suit us. we just love it especially the kitchen. haha.
done about the house. nothing much to story without the picture.

now lets talk about me being a student. part5 student. ehem. For this semester i have 6 subject to cover.
and we still have to learn Bel subject (english). for this semester we must think critically for this subject, we have to highlight the claims (main point) and the supporting details. ohh im soo dead because i hav no idea how to find the claims in an articles.! sigh. (malassss sebenarnya nak baca article ) . another subject that are killer paper ( for me) is Law subject. there's too many section to remember. i hate this. other subjects is so so lah. well, the good news is i don't have class on Friday. yayyy me.

*gonna stop here. will update soon with the pictures*