Monday, October 18, 2010

Janda Baik


Hello people. sorry for my looooong absence. i've been busy lately, plus dont have much time to update this blog. So okay this time i wanna sharing with u guys some picture ( by Farid ). Last weekends, i went to Janda Baik attending some weddings ( Gadaffi's sister wedding, well gadaffi@ira is one of my friends). I must admit that this is the greatest wedding, cos the environment there is very peaceful , you know. Plus the weddings is differ from the other cos there's one band i guess sang an 'Arabian song' and dance as well, u won't see this special dance on other wedding ;p  Another part that caught my attention was his grandfather did dance on the stage together with the band. sporting habis ok atuk dia.haha wa salute (: 

 As u noe, Janda Baik is popular as a picnic spot right. YES! there is waterfall behind their backyard. cool right? compared to the bath tub on the hotel/ur house ;p haha. okay then i think i nag too much since first i said only to sharing some picture, so it's time for me to show the pictures.

Azmi Family ( left = azmi's family wannabe) haha ;p 

me with boyfie <3 

 Some of the view at Janda Baik

"Atuk sporting"

Raja Sehari 

friends ('=

there's a lots of photo but since my eyes begging me to take a rest, this is all i can upload for tonight. need a rest and beauty sleep ;p nahh joking. i dont give a damn about beauty sleep. chiow , xo (will update the picture from azha's camera soon, insyaAllah)