Friday, August 26, 2011


Assalamualaikum :')
kali ni nak sambung pasal tips tips yang tergendala beberapa bulan yg lepas. erghh da basi.
tapi dah janji , and here i am. That day we stop till num 10, so here we go to 11.

11. Blink more. To anyone out there who is addictive to the internet, ur eyes might be dry and causing a red eyes. so here what you can do, take a two minute screen break every half-hour. Close your eyes then stretch your eye muscles by looking at something in the distance. *try this!*

12. Wear flats if you can. i think everyone know about this. yes heels can make u looking hot and gorgeous. but dont wear them too often. 

13. Eat veggies. yes walaupun ianya pahit dan hijau , tapi kalau nak kurangkan risiko stroke, heart disease and certain types of cancer, makanlah sayurrrrr. *even i dont like veggies. hehe* 

14. Watch a comedy show. Laughter can release good hormones that reduce and shut down negative self-talk. plus, its good for your tummy muscles- which is lot more fun than doing an exhausting sit-ups.

15. Find a peaceful place to escape. kekadang berikan ketenangan kepada dirimu. cewahh. anyway it can reduce your stress too. so chill out people. 

16. haa okay yang ini confirm ramai pun dah buat. Sing in the shower. it can calm us down and relaxing our mind. 

17. Sit up staright. a healthy spine position is important. etc, when you're in front of your pc, your eyes should be in the middle of the screen, with elbows, knees and hips at 90 degrees. haa hamik kau. okay untuk tulang belakang awak jugee =)

18. Find a sport you love

19. STOP comparing yourself to others. by accepting and making peace with the people, you'll shut out a lot of negative self-talk and open up your life to good times.

20. oh okay dah takde. selamat mencuba. peace (: