Monday, June 6, 2011

Expect the unexpected

Assalamualaikum ;) 
how are you people ? *cehh macam ramai sangat je follower* ;) well since its monday today, i can update my blog, bcos monday is my offday. yahuuu. first i want to scream out louddddd bcos *I AM OFFICIALLY GRADUATE*  Alhamdulillah pass with flying colour for the last semester. Thank you Allah. and i think lately, student portal has improved a lotss! no more pressure. good job!

still remember when i mention that i dont really like to work in my last entry. i was wrong! totally wrong. i enjoy doing my work now. but its really tiring. thats normal right ?
im the happiest person in ze world when i get morning shift =D 
but when it comes to full shift, urghh i felt like im  d y i n g. 

These photo taken on Nadia's last day. 
from left azmi, nadia and me. ahh nerdy me. haha

besides me, xin wei, nadia and kak ros. 
*crew kitschen* =P

till then, stay tuned people